Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekly Goals Week 4

I am back to planning and pursuing weekly goals. When I started them about a month ago, I was in the middle of many activities and commitments. I am hoping with the slow pace of summer it will allow me to follow through and set a pattern.

Week 3 Goals (from before) and Now Week 4 (some new and some from before)

1. Finish The Long Winter 

2. Continue the Fruits of the Spirit and devotions from church

3. Work on Badges of Fun

4. Select 4 crafts to do in the next month 

Personal Goals   

5. Start and finish reading:  Emily Post's Great Get-Togethers: Casual Gatherings and Elegant Parties at Home, Beautiful Home on a Budget, Emily Post's Etiquette. Yes this is ambitious, but these books have been around my house for over a month now.

6. Complete all the items on my daily calendar. This still includes: create a chore chart and update my Faith Box.  

Home Management 

7. Start cleaning and organizing challenge 


8. Buy books at the local book sale

9. Sell at garage sale

10. Continue to list items for sale on ebay (I am up to 3 sales now. Not bad for someone just starting.) 

Note: Some of the links are affiliate links. 

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