Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekly Goals Week 3

Ok, you are going to hear many excuses from me. But, last week I did not accomplish many of my goals.

Here is the deal. I am co-chairing our school's staff appreciation week, which is next week. I am co-chairing our church's trivia night, which is next week.  I am helping with my son's big 4th grade event, which is in 2 week's. And MANY other end of school year things going on. I am spending alot of my time now volunteering with either school or church.

That being said, my goals got placed aside last week. So, I am continuing them into this week. (Those that I did get to have comments by them.)

By the way, I love volunteering. I am just a little overwhelmed now.

Week 2 Goals- Now Week 3

1. Finish The Long Winter 

2. Continue the Fruits of the Spirit - we did start on this last night

3. Work on Badges of Fun- I am a devoted Family Fun reader, but we have fallen behind on this 10-month activity. I know the children would love to complete 

4. Select 4 crafts to do in the next month 

Personal Goals  

5. Finish reading celebraTORI (I finished this book last week) and The One-Minute Home Organizer 

6. Create a chore chart- This is more of a to-do item. But it has been on my list for months, so I am making it a goal this week.

7. Update my Faith Box- This is another to-do. But since I won this, I am embarrassed to say that I have not taken the time to really sit down and fill in everything. I look forward to doing this! 

Home Management 

8. Clean Windows and Sills- actually finished

9. Start cleaning and organizing challenge 


10. Buy more books- purchased 2

11. List copper cups on eBay- I did not list them. But I sold my shoes, and I have listed 4 new items.

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